The University is offering certain incentives and amenities to its students pursuing the Adhyayana Courses of Veda, Agama, Paurohitya, Vedabhashya on traditional lines.

In order to promote and propagate the fast disappearing disciplines of knowledge that stood as the main component of Indian Wisdom and Culture, the students under this category are given an incentive of Rs. one lakh at the time of admission into degree or doctorate levels. The amount deposited in a nationalized bank consisting of principle and accrued interest shall be handed over to the student on successful completion of the course.

These students are given free food and accommodation in the hostel run by the University. The hostel rooms are furnished and the food consists of breakfast along with milk, lunch, evening snacks along with milk and dinner.

They are also given free clothing. Besides, textbooks and notebooks are supplied to them free of cost.

Free boarding and accommodation to the Traditional and Modern students

Distribution of free text books, note books etc. to the traditional students

Free dhoti and upper cloth twice in a year to the Traditional students

Free oils (Coconut & Gingely), soaps every month to the Traditional students

Distribution of 2 blankets for the newly admitted traditional students in Sastri and Acharya courses

University has separate fully equipped computer labs for both traditional and modern students for giving computer training as part of their curriculum

Well equipped 20 station gymnasium for Physical fitness

Medical consultancy is also provided through SVIMS which is adjacent to our campus

Yoga practice every day to the students in the morning hours

Sponsoring the students for attending National wide competitions like Sports, Games, Yoga, Debate etc. conducted by various Institutions

University encourages the student participating in various co-curricular and Extra-curricular activities

University is providing recreation to the students through reading of News Papers, facilities for indoor and outdoor games, learning of Music etc.

Sports competitions are also conducting in the month of January

To understand the traditional culture and practical exposure in traditional activities, tour programmes are conducting to the final year Sastri students with in Andhra Pradesh and for Achrya Students with in India