Faculties and Departments

Admission Notification for Traditional Courses 2019-20

At present, there are four faculties, viz., namely faculty of Veda Adhyayana, faculty of Agamadhyana, faculty of Paurohityadhyanana and faculty of Veda Bhashyadhyayana. Presently, the University is offering three year Sastri Course (graduation) and two year Acharya Course (post-graduation) in the following subjects:-

1. Faculty of Veda Adhyayana
Department of Rigveda
1. Sri V. Ganesh Prasad BhatAssistant Professor
Department of Krishna Yajurveda
1.Dr. K. Taraka Rama Kumara SarmaReader
2.Sri S. Suryanarayana MurthyAssistant Professor
3.Sri D. Phani Yajneswara YajuluAssistant Professor
4.Sri K. PurushottamacharyuluAssistant Professor
Department of Suklayajurveda
1.Sri V.S. Pratapa Chandra SarmaLecturer(Ad-hoc)
Department of Samaveda (Ranayaniya)
1.Dr. Girija Prasad ShadangiAssistant Professor
Department of Atharvaveda (Saunaka)
1.Sri Balabhadra UpadhyayaAssistant Professor
2. Faculty of Agama Adhyayana
Department of Vaikhanasagama
1.Sri Agnihotram SrinivasacharyuluProfessor
2.Sri P. BhavanarayanacharyaAssistant Professor
3.Sri G. RamakrishnaAssistant Professor
4.Sri T. BrahmacharyuluAssistant Professor
Department of Pancharathragama
1. Sri P.T.G. BharatasekharacharyuluLecturer (Ad-hoc)
2.Sri K.H. Rajesh KumarLecturer (Ad-hoc)
Department of Saivagama
1. Sri P. NeelakantamLecturer (Ad-hoc)
2.Dr. C. KartikeyanLecturer (Ad-hoc)
3. Faculty of Paurohitya Adhyayana
Department of Asvalayana Paurohitya
Department of Apastambiya Paurohitya
1. Sri G. Venkata Subrahmanya SarmaReader
2.Sri M. Venkatanaga Pavan Kumara SarmaAssistant Professor
3.Dr. R. Subrahmanya BhideAssistant Professor
4.Sri G. Venkata Phaniraja SastryAssistant Professor
Department of Vaikhanasa Paurohitya
1.Sri R. Venkata Satyanarayana AcharyuluLecturer (Ad-hoc)
2.Sri P. Srinivasaswami IyyangarLecturer (Ad-hoc)
3.Sri G. Madhu BabuLecturer (Ad-hoc)
Department of Paraskara Paurohitya
1.Sri Sunkam Sitarama RaoAssistant Professor
4. Faculty of Vedabhashya
Department of Rigvedabhashya
Department of Krishnayajurveda Bhashya
1.Sri Prava Ramakrishna SarmaAssistant Professor
Department of Suklayajurvedabhashya (Kanva)
Department of Suklayajurvedabhashya (Madhyandina)
Department of Samavedabhashya
Department of Atharvavedabhashya
5. Faculty of Vedaangas
Department of Kalpa
1.Sri D. Jagannadha SarmaAssistant Professor
Department of Nirukta
1.Dr. K. Hanumath SarmaAssistant Professor
Department of Purvamimamsa
1.Dr. T. Umesh BhatAssistant Professor
Department of Yoga
1.Sri Y.V. Ramanarayana SarmaYoga Instructor (Contract)
6. Faculty of Research & Publication
1.Dr. A. RadheyshyamDeputy Director
2.Sri M.V. Jayarama SarmaAssistant Professor
3.Dr. N.R. SowmyanarayananAssistant Professor
7. Faculty of Modern Subjects
Department of English
Dr. Smt. K. Usha SarmaAssistant Professor