I salute Lord Venkateswara for giving me yet another opportunity to serve the cause of Vedas as the Vice Chancellor of Sri Venkateswara Vedic University. I am grateful to the T.T.D , State Government and the Chancellor for appointing me as the Vice-Chancellor.

The Vedic University possess well established departments of all the four Vedas, Vedabhashyas, varieties of Agamas and Pourohithya. To Support the Traditional Vedic Education ancillary subjects like Sanskrit, Mathematics, English and ComputerApplications subjects are introduced.

As such, now it will be proper to focus on the Scientific knowledge contained in Vedas.Accordingly subjects like Vedic Hydrology deserve to be introduced. After discussing with the subject experts concerned and following the procedures, we like to introduce such new modern scientific subjects with a blend of Ancient Indian Knowledge.In course of time we shall take up a programme of popularizing the Vedic message of peace and brotherhood through publications and media.We will also launch a special drive to unearth the scientific knowledge contained in Vedic manuscripts.

With the support of T.T.D and the State Government,in near future the vedic University will expand its activity throughout the State of Andhrapradesh.