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Sri Venkateswara Vedic University invites proposals for undertaking projects on Veda Sciences


It is a widely acknowledged fact that the Vedas and Vedic texts are the sources for many kind of human knowledge. There are many scientific facts which are useful to the mankind that are hidden in Vedic literature. Discovering the Vedic sources for many scientific theories and innovations of today and bringing them out in a meaningful format will boost up further research in both the Vedic and Scientific fields and will result in great benefit of the present and the future generations of the mankind. Modern Scientists and traditional Vedic scholars have a major role to play in this endeavour.

The S.V.Vedic University, Tirupati (A.P), a unique university of its kind and the only one in the entire country fully devoted to Vedic studies has been established in the year 2006 with the promulgation of a State Act of Andhra Pradesh, with the following major objectives:

To conduct research and propagate the relevance of knowledge system and the wisdom contained in the Vedic Literature for meeting the challenges of life in the technology driven contemporary society. To bring out the profoundness of the rational approach and the scientific temper, presented in the Vedas in the context of pursuit of knowledge and realization of higher levels of consciousness. To consolidate, revive and promote the Vedic learning and Sanskrit study so as to integrate the scientific thought contained in the Vedas particularly in the disciplines of mathematics, astronomy, agriculture, meteorology, chemistry, metallurgy, yoga, humanities, social sciences and management with the modern scientific and technological studies, so that through integration of Vedic and Scientific concepts advancement of scientific knowledge can be facilitated.

To bring out awareness about the authentic interpretation of the Vedas in India and abroad, facilitation proper understanding of richness of the rational approach to life and scientific temper presented in the Vedic knowledge system. In furtherance to realization of a few of its objectives, the S.V. Vedic University has taken an initiative and launched a programme through its ‘Centre for Veda - Science Research’, inviting research proposals from various institutions as well from other individuals interested in aspects of harmonizing Vedas and Science. The Research Proposals shall be submitted to Registrar of the university by post or through E-mail ( so as to reach on or before 30th January, 2017. The Format (Annexure - I) and detailed guidelines (Annexure - II) for sanction of the Research Project related to Veda-Science is submitted along with this notification. The Principal Investigator (i.e. Individual or an Institution), is to be filled the format and submit along with the necessary documents to S.V.Vedic University.

The Research Proposals will be accepted for administrative and financial sanction by the University subject to the following:

1. Proposers of the Research Projects should ensure that their proposals are in conformity with the guidelines given and submit them in the prescribed format and in full shape within the stipulated time period.

2. The Research Proposals are to be cleared, mutatis mutandis, by the Expert Committee of the sanctioning University constituted for the purpose.

3. On the administrative sanction of the Research Project, the Principal Investigator shall submit the permission letter in suggested format from the concerned chief executive of the institution concerned for allowing the Principal Investigator to carry on the research as per the sanction orders. (The suggested format is attached Annexure - III)

4. The Principal Investigator of the Research Project shall enter into an agreement with the S.V. Vedic University on the conduct of the sanctioned Research Project.

5. The financial sanction and release of grants for the sanctioned project shall be as per the approval given by the concerned University statutory bodies and authorities.

6. The sanctioning University reserves the right to inspect the facilities being availed by the Individuals/Institutions of sanctioned research projects, at any time during the period of the research project.

The detailed Guidelines for implementation of Veda and Science projects (MS Word Format)